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Ishihara Color Test

The Ishihara Color Test is a color perception test for red-green color deficiencies. Our Roseville Urgent Care center offers the test.  We offer merchant marine physicals! The test consists of a number of colored plates, called Ishihara plates, each of which contains...

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We are proud to help sponsor the 2015 Run4Roseville. More about the event in Roseville, CA: Since 2005, Run4Roseville has welcomed more than 6,000 runners and has raised $250,000 to benefit students in Roseville.  Run4Roseville was born from a collective dream to give...

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Are You Ready for Future Quakes

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness Are you ready for an earthquake.  We have provided some information as a reminder in the event you need to protect yourself during an earthquake. The Red Cross has also provided an earthquake alert system that can be downloaded to...

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2014 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak

The 2014 Ebola outbreak has become one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history and the first outbreak in West Africa. Currently, it is affecting four countries in West Africa: Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.  So far the outbreak does not pose a...

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